Where the #Tweeters Mock the Draft!

Mockone #1 – Round 1

1. Carolina (2-14) – @fantasy_occhs68 – Marcell Dareus, DT – Alabama
2. Minnesota (6-10) (Via Den) – @MN_CheapSeats – Blaine Gabbert, QB – MO
3. Buffalo (4-12) – @BNQuinlan – Von Miller, LB Texas
4. Dallas (6-10) (via Cin) – @allen21howard – Patrick Peterson, CB – LSU
5. Arizona (5-11) – @donovanhorn – Robert Quinn, DE – UNC
6. Cleveland (5-11) – @FtbSickness – Da’Quan Bowers, DE – Clemson
7. San Francisco (6-10) – @AllPurposeRoto – Prince Amukamara, CB – Nebraska
8. Tennessee (6-10) – @djberns247 – A.J. Green, WR – Georgia
9. Denver (4-12) (From Cin via Dal) – @Empulse – Nick Fairley, DT – Auburn
10. Tennessee (6-10) (Via Was) – @djberns247 – Cameron Newton, QB
11. St. Louis (7-9) (From Hou) – @PFF_Tyson – Julio Jones, WR – Alabama
12. Cincinatti (4-12) (From Den via Min) – @JoeGoodberry – Aldon Smith, DE
13. Detroit (6-10) – @jhoe0411 – Tyron Smith, OT USC
14. Houston (6-10) (Via StL) – @JohnADuckworth – Cameron Jordan, DE – Cal
15. Tampa Bay (10-6)(From Mia) – @bmpamaral – J.J. Watt, DE – Wis
16. San Diego (9-7) (From Jac) – @PFF_Rick – Muhammed Wilkerson, DE
17. Indianapolis* (10-6)(From NE) – @GTPJay – Gabe Carimi, OT – Wis
18. Philadelphia* (10-6)(From Jac) – @eastcoastdog – Anthony Costanzo, OT
19. New York Giants (10-6) – @EyeoftheGator – Nate Solder, OT – Colorado
20. New Orleans* (11-5)(From Mia) – @xaviermonk – Corey Liuget, DT – Illinois
21. Kansas City* (10-6) – @wTheFirstPick – Phil Taylor, DT – Baylor
22. Indianapolis* (10-6) – @GTPJay – Mike Pouncey, OG – Florida
23. Jacksonville (8-8)(Via Phi) – @CaliforniaJag – Christian Ponder, QB – FSU
24. Miami (7-9) (From NO) – @PFF_Zerodev – Ryan Mallett, QB – Arkansas
25. New England* (14-2)(From Sea) – @PFF_Akshay – Cameron Heyward, DE
26. Baltimore* (12-4) – @IHateJJRedick – Ryan Kerrigan, DE – Purdue
27. Atlanta* (13-3) – @Rumfordjohnny – Brandon Harris, CB – Miami
28. Seattle* (7-9)(Via NE) – @Thomsen80 – Stephen Paea, DT – Oregon
29. Cincinatti (4-12) (From Chi) – @JoeGoodberry – Mark Ingram, RB – Bama
30. New York Jets* (11-5) – @Fantasytaz – Brooks Reed, OLB/DE – Arizona
31. Pittsburgh* (12-4) – @AndrewMiley – Danny Watkins, OG – Baylor
32. Buffalo (4-12)(From GB)- Jimmy Smith, CB – Colorad


Comments on: "Mockone #1 – Round 1" (26)

  1. Gentlemen,

    We, the Carolina Panthers, are fully committed to the Jimmy Claussen experience. We strongly believe that he is our QB of the future. Therefore, we chose to go with who we believe to be the top defensive threat in the draft, Marcell Dareus. He has the ability to play both as a tackle an end in the 3-4 system ,and will surely make an immediate impact this year. We are ecstatic to have him on our team, and look forward to seeing him grow and improve in the years to come. He may very well be the replacement for Julius Peppers we so desperately need.

    Justin Occhionero

  2. Good Afternoon,

    Coming into the draft, we’d put a strong emphasis on the quarterback position, and we identified Blaine as the top quarterback prospect early on in the process. Knowing that he’d be in high demand for any of the teams drafting in the 3-8 range, we moved quickly and confidently when Denver made the No. 2 selection available. We are absolutely thrilled to be adding a player of his caliber at such an important position.

    We view Blaine as the complete package — he has the tools and athleticism to excel at the next level, and he has the leadership and character that you look for in a franchise quarterback. Our new offensive coordinator, Bill Musgrave, was instrumental in Matt Ryan’s development in Atlanta, and we’re expecting similar results here. We feel that Blaine has the ability to step in and deliver the ball to our offensive playmakers from day one, and we look forward to seeing him in purple.

    Ryan Boser

  3. Bills - 1.03 said:

    Afternoon everyone,

    The Buffalo Bills come into the draft needing to address several areas. Let’s face it you do not end up with the 3rd pick in the draft unless you have many holes to fill. Although there has been plenty of speculation that a QB would be taken with this pick we in Buffalo have more faith in Ryan Fitzpatrick than the media has reported. While we do have offensive line issues their is no player we have high enough on our board to take at this spot. With that said we are pleased to announce 6′ 3″ 245LB Von Miller, OLB from Texas A&M as the newest Buffalo Bill. In 2 years as a starter he compiled 27.5 sacks 7 forced fumbles and won the Butkus award. In order to beat the great Tom Brady and maturing Mark Sanchez we believe pressure is the key, and he will bring the pressure the Bills defense has lacked. Miller has the potential to be a Derrick Thomas caliper player and we are thrilled to have him join the team.

    Brian Quinlan
    GM Buffalo Bills

  4. The Browns are happy to take the defensive end from Clemson who put together electric tape and, before rumors about his knee began to circulate, was the most frequently-named candidate to be the #1 overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft. Before you tell me about AJ Green and how obvious a pick he is, I will remind you of three things. First, as of this moment, the Browns have, and I mean this quite literally, O-N-E starting defensive lineman, and he’s best as a 3-4 nose tackle. Second, choosing AJ Green, as talented as he is, over Da’Quan Bowers would be going against the advice of none other than Bill Walsh himself, who once told Mike Holmgren that the WR is the LAST piece you add. And let me assure you, the last piece remains well beyond the horizon with this roster. Ever see Parcells or Belichick or Pittsburgh or Philly or Green Bay go crazy for “skill” positions up high? No. Good teams build inside-out. I would do the same. Third, the Browns have lacked pressure on the opposing quarterback for a decade. Since I have no reliable information suggesting his knee is a long term problem, I am taking the more important position. With zero qualms.

    Ryan Burns
    Clevland Browns


    With respect to the allegedly empty Browns receiving corps, I offer these 2 points, having seen every snap of every game they’ve played for the past 13 years. First, I think they do have guys capable of making plays if put in the right position. Massoquoi is an NFL receiver. Not a great one, but capable of making big plays. Think Alvin Harper if he improves on consistency. Evan Moore could easily be an 80-catch player in this league, this year. As a result of both the new system and an undeniable skillset, he is my breakout choice for 2011. Carlton Mitchell, a 2nd year man out of South Florida, was inexplicably left on the bench his entire rookie year. If you haven’t seen his reel, you have no room to comment. That guy needs to get at least 5 quick screens/slants/hitches per game. Period. I would also throw a ton of money at a vet when FA kicks in (1st, I’d make Minnesota pay their behinds off for Sidney Rice. If I couldn’t get him, I’d get either Moss or T.O. and hope for the best.) In other words, with a strong running game and an accurate, smart QB, there are plays to be made with players on the roster. That simply cannot be said of the defensive line. Or, as he’s also known, Athya Rubin.

  5. Cardinals - 1.05 said:

    When my pick came up I have to say I was disappointed for a second because peterson was the to of my board and I had his name on my card ready to turn it in until the cowboys swooped in. I was happy to get Quinn though as I had him rated highly. The skills he showed in ’09 are exactly what are needed for an Arizona team lacking a pass rush. I also considered a.j. Green and Julio

    To team with Fitzgerald but that was a luxury I could ill afford. Newton wad still there but I have him further down my board and qb ranked as a lower priority than a pass rusher for me as well. I would have liked to him moved down to get more picks and get either Prince an o lineman or a pass rusher later but I have no regrets in taking Quinn even with the year off and a couple medical issues. He has the potential to be the next great sack artist

  6. With the 7th pick in Mock 1 the Forty-Niners select Nebraska CB Prince Amukamara.

    Prince Amukamara, and his 4.4 – 40, along with his shut down cover skills is a perfect match for what the Forty-Niners need now. We would have been aggressive to move up for a franchise QB in this years draft but the player for our offense was not in the draft.

    While Alex Smith and the team has taken a lot of heat over the lack of top performance at the Quarterback position, we will continue to build a championship caliber team by adding the best players irregardless of position.
    We are fortunate that this year, the top corner was available for us at 7 overall.

    We entertained a few offers to move down, but with our selection of Prince Amukamara we add a difference maker to our defensive squad.

    Starters Nate Clements is on the slope down along with his 15+ plus million due over the next two years. Shawntae Spencer had been close to a disappointment on the other side.

    ~ AllPurposeRoto

  7. Titans - 1.08 said:

    We, the Tennessee Titans, believe that the best prospect in the draft fell right into our laps. Now I know that you expected a certain QB or DT from Auburn to be on our board, but in all honesty A.J. was #1 on our board and we hope he helps us be #1 on the field.

    Tennessee Titans GM

  8. I was very happy with my move to 1.12 (via trade with the Vikings). I was hoping I could luck into Prince, Bowers or Quinn at 1.12, and I knew the value of the 2 2nd round picks were huge. Little did I know that one of my top 3 ranked players would fall to 1.09.

    When I saw Fairley sitting there at 1.09, I knew I had to make a move. Best I could figure it, the Bengals would take Newton, the Skins take an OT (no way they are going to risk another DT personality conflict!) and figured there was NO WAY the Texans could pass on Fairley. The interior of that D is a nightmare, and I knew they would run to the podium…. So I decided to make a move and bypass a few of the teams that could potentially take Fairley to fill my #1 need with my #3 ranked player. It cost me my 3rd round pick this year to make it happen, but in my move from 1.02 to 1.12 I grabbed an extra 2nd this year and a 2nd next year. So the way I look at it, I basically traded my 3rd this year, for 2 2nd’s as I still filled my #1 need, with my 3rd ranked player. And to put a nice little bow on things, I now have 3 picks in the 2nd round.

    In regards to Fairley: Plain and simple, he is dominant. He is athletic, has a high motor (most of the time), and has attitude. Kids with this kind of size aren’t supposed to be this dynamic, and they most certainly aren’t supposed to move like he does. Yes, there is plenty of risk with this pick. He most certainly could become a diva. . He could most certainly play when he wants to play. . . But I have hopes that he will be nearly as dominant as Suh, in an aggressive John Fox/Dennis Allen defense. Like Bowers and Quinn, I wish there were more tape on Fairley. His best tapes are the best of any player at the position, and his worst games still show his athleticism. His lack of starts is reason for pause, but in the end athleticism and attitude win out. This is a chance worth taking.

    I think that if anyone can handle a guy like Fairley, its a “players coach” like Foxy. I look for Foxy to square away the mental part of Fairley’s game, and in doing so make Fairley the centerpiece of the Broncos Defense. Fairley has the passion and attitude to be a leader, and I fully expect him to be aggressively collapsing the pocket for for the defense in Denver for the next 6+ years.

    Brandon Nall
    GM – Denver Broncos

  9. Dallas Cowboys 1.04 said:

    The Dallas Cowboys were already locked into a top ten draft pick and therefore guaranteed to be spending high end money. We had two options, trade down and acquire more picks or move up and acquire one of the elite players in this years draft. We were afraid if Peterson fell to Arizona, they would draft him. The defensiveback position for the Dallas Cowboys is one of need, and with the current players on the roster, and the addition of LSU CB Patrick Peterson, we will be thoroughly stocked moving into the next season.

  10. Detroit Lions 1.13 said:

    The Lions were hoping for a perfect storm that ended with a Cornhusker reunion. They ended up staying pat at thirteen and drafting the best offensive tackle prospect in the draft.

  11. The Cincinnati Bengals are proud to introduce Missouri’s Aldon Smith as our first pick in the MockOne draft.

    When our original pick came up, we knew trading back was our best option. We had Seven prospects that we still liked on our board. So we traded back with Dallas and received an extra third & fifth round pick. When our pick came up again. We still had three prospects on our board when Denver asked to trade up. We took the deal and moved back to number twelve.

    Finally we made our pick. We felt like Aldon Smith was a shade behind the top two DEs that were drafted much earlier. Smith will come in day one and rotate with third year man Michael Johnson at RDE. In nickel packages, Smith will slide inside where he’s arguably at his best. Lined up with Michael Johnson, Geno Atkins and Carlos Dunlap nickel. The addition of Aldon Smith will make our young pass rushing line very scary for opponents. We believe after Smith, the pass rushing DEs take a dip in talent. Whereas other positions can be had later in the draft.

    With ten more picks in the draft, the Cincinnati Bengals plan on making a splash while filling holes. The rebuilding process has begun.

  12. Houston Texans 1.14 said:

    Before the draft we felt good that one of a group of players that included Cam Jordan would be there for us. When our pick came up the CN from Nebraska and the OLB from NC were off the board. Our three highest rated players on the board were Julio Jones, Jordan and JJ Watt.

    We were fully prepared to take Jones, had we not worked out a deal with the Rams. Drafting Jones would have given us debatably the best receiving duo in the NFL. However we recognize the need for players that will fit our new 3-4 scheme as well. At the end of the day we felt picking up a extra third (pick 78). to only drop back 3 spots was worth the gamble.

    We were very pleased to still see Jordan still on the board, we view him as a top ten talent, and project him to be part of our D line rotation from day one.

  13. St. Louis Rams - 1.11 said:

    As GM of the St. Louis Rams I decided it was in the best interest of the team to move up three slots and draft Alabama WR Julio Jones. We felt by switching spots in the first round with Houston and then giving them our third round pick it gave us the ability to draft a playmaker that would dynamically change the landscape of our offense and the way an opposing defense looks at our passing game. We look for Sam Bradford and Julio Jones to be quite the pair for years to come. Don’t blink now Rams fans we have plenty more to come in this years draft.

  14. Titans - 1.10 said:

    We did it!!! I don’t know how we did it Nashville, but we got our Top 2 players on our board at 8 & 10 respectfully. We are uber excited about the way our new direction in our franchise is headed.

    When we saw that Cam was still sitting there at 10, we had to make a move and get back in this fiesta. We feel like we stole the draft and we love it. Can’t wait to see Cam and AJ in Titans uniforms.


  15. New York Giants 1.19 said:

    I believe the Giants #1 need is at OT. Diehl struggled at LT at times, and would be better served playing guard. McKenzie is getting up there and missed time last year due to injury. Also, I haven’t seen the progress from Will Beatty that makes me feel like he is our LT of the future. And Shawn Andrews’ back worries me as well.

    i tried to trade back at first because I thought I could get Carimi (who I felt was the best instant plug-in guy) or Costanzo in the early 20s, but that did not obviously pan out. That led me to pick between Solder and Sherrod (although Ingram was certainly enticing, especially as a legacy). I decided to go with the upside of Solder, especially where he already had an impressive resume – 1st Team All-Big 12 2009 and 2010, consensus First Team All American in 2010, and smart (biology degree). May get some experience at RT if McKenzie goes down, before he hopefully becomes the stud LT of the future.

  16. The plan all along was to bolster the offensive line. The Eagles gave up a ton of sacks last year leading to mulitple injuries to both QBs. After Carimi went at 17, Costanzo was the next best option to pick up as the heir apparent to Jason Peters, and even take Winston Justice’s spot. This game is won in the trenches, and he will be a centerpiece for years to come.

  17. With the 24th pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, the Miami Dolphins take Ryan Mallett, QB, Arkansas. The fourth quarterback off the board, we feel he had top 5 potential before off-field rumors and questions about his athleticism dramatically reduced his draft stock. We do not put much stock in rumors, and his on-the-field positives far outweigh the negatives. While Mark Ingram was also available, we felt the potential franchise quarterback was much more important than the talented running back.

    After trading down twice to the 24th pick, the Dolphins feel great about the picks we gained in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Feeling we can now effectively fill other needs in the early rounds of the draft, taking Ryan Mallett became the increasingly clear choice as our pick approached, especially with teams needing a quarterback picking soon after us. We are excited to welcome the next great Dolphins quarterback to Miami!

  18. With the 23rd pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, acquired via trade, the Jacksonville Jaguars selected Christian Ponder, QB, Florida State.

    Ponder was a player we targeted from the get-go. He’s an intelligent quarterback with the ability to go through reads, anticipate his receivers’ actions, and make all the throws necessary to be an NFL quarterback. On top of all that, Ponder has the leadership qualities we feel an elite NFL quarterback most possess. With David Garrard ready to start the 2011 NFL season at the age of 33, it was simply time to address the quarterback position.

    We felt we could make these trades because the teams selecting between our original selection (pick 16) and the pick we ended up at (pick 23) did not need a quarterback. The reason we stopped at 23 and did not attempt to trade further down is because we feared that the Miami Dolphins, who had traded down to pick 24, would select Ponder if we traded down again. We also feared that he could end up a Seahawk if we moved behind them in the draft order.

    In the end, we were able to end up with a player we very much wanted while upgrading the 4th-round pick we received from New Orleans 17 slots as well as adding the 25th pick in the 3rd round and Philadelphia’s 2012 3rd-round pick. All in all, the Jaguars are extremely happy with the way the first round played out and look forward to their next pick. Christian Ponder, welcome to the Jacksonville Jaguars!

  19. @PFF_Akshay, Patriots 1.25 said:

    The Patriots snagged one of their top defensive line targets, Cameron Heyward. This is a thin draft for 3-4 DEs, and Heyward was the last of the ones I wanted. I would have likely taken him or Liuget at 17 anyways, so I ended up getting my target as well as an extra 2012 1st, 2012 3rd, 2011 2nd and 2011 3rd. Not a bad haul for my initial target. and now I have 3 picks in the 2nd round, 2 picks in the 3rd, and 2 picks in the 2012 1st. I don’t mind giving up the 4th since not every draft pick will stick due to roster limitations. Seems Belichickian to me!

  20. @RumfordJohnny said:

    My inner “Thomas Dimitroff” considered trading the pick to move into the 2nd RD, but the guy they Falcons wanted was there, and a significant upgrade at CB was made with Brandon Harris. Considered Jimmy Smith of Colorado, but Dimitroff/Blank don’t gamble on character anymore.

    @RumfordJohnny- “Fauxcons” GM

  21. Thomsen80 said:

    When Mallett went of the board at #24 we immediately looked to trade down. We felt that the player we wanted could be had later in the 1st round. It turned out as expected, we made a trade with the Patriots and secured two additional picks, and selected a player high on our board: Stephen Paea of Oregon State.

    We think he can be an impact player from the get go, and can create the penetration up the middle we need. He has checked out medically and should be an instant star on our defence.

    He is another valuable piece of the championship caliber team we are hoping to be.

    Some fans cried for O-line help, but we feel the addition of Tom Cable and hopefully less injuries than last season can provide the boost our run game need.

    Thomsen80 – GM of the Seattle Seahawks


    We saw an opportunity to trade up draft a player we had ranked in our top 15. We only gave up a 4th round pick fir what we believe is a true special talent. Mark Ingram is a player you can shape your offense around. He’s an every down backand will be the identity of our offense.

    Its not about reaching for needs. Its about drafting players that can contribute not only in 2011, but in the future. We want players who will be on our roster for 6-8 years. Needs will be filled via free agency. (Whenever that is.)

  23. dan bennett said:

    #saints pick of corey liuget allows flexibility to our defensive line. Liuget not only has experience in multiple fronts, but has demonstrated the ability to provide a consistent pass rush from the middle of our line. Also, this move allows hargrove to move to his more natural position of DE and we feel that Gallette has made marked progress learning the DE position.

  24. I was extremely torn between a CB or DE/LB, two of the Ravens biggest needs. When it came down to it I thought about what has doomed the Ravens for the past several years……the Pittsburgh Steelers (and more specifically Big Ben). The main reason for the Steelers dominance has been a lack of pass rush on Roethlisberger. Kerrigan will fill that need perfectly. He had 30.5 sacks during his 3 years starting at Purdue and fits the Ravens scheme very well.

    The cornerback position is the other area I’d like to address in this draft but I felt the team did well with cornerbacks off the scrap heap so I’m not too worried. Would love to get a quality WR in Round Two to continue the youth movement with Flacco, Ray Rice, Dickson/Pitta, etc.

  25. After selecting Von Miller at the 3 spot the Bills intended on sitting tight and waiting to see how the the first round developed before deciding how to approach their 2nd round pick. After a barrage of trades which resulted in several players we had targeted for our #34 pick being taken in the late first round we decided to be aggressive and trade our 2nd 4th round pick in order to move back into the 1st round (#32) in order to take CB Jimmy Smith of Colorado. We are not entirely certain he would have been selected by one of the teams ahead of us in the order, but felt giving up the #121 pick was worth removing doubt. RCB Drayton Florence may not be returning so Smith could step right into that spot, which is the position he played at Colorado. His lack of INTs last year are not a concern considering opposing teams only threw his way 20 times in man coverage, 5 of those passes he broke up allowing just 1 TD. We not concerned about the “Character issues” we are concerned with winning football games. We believe Smith has Pro Bowl potential and are excited about the talent and

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