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Mockone #1 – Round 2

2.01 Houston (6-10)(From NE) @JohnADuckworth – Justin Houston, OLB
2.02 Green Bay* (10-6)(From Buf) @Got_Next – Derrick Sherrod, OT
2.03 New York Giants (From Was via Chi) @EyeoftheGator – Akeem Ayers, OLB
2.04 Denver (4-12) – @Empulse – Adrian Clayborn, DE – Iowa
2.05 Cleveland (5-11) @FtbSickness – Leonard Hankerson, WR – Mia
2.06 Arizona (5-11) @donovanhorn – Marcus Cannon, OG – TCU
2.07 Houston (6-10)(From Ten) @JohnADuckworth – Aaron Williams, CB
2.08 Dallas (6-10) @allen21howard – Benjamin Ijalana, OT – Villanova
2.09 Chicago* (11-5)(Via Was) @thebrunomacedo – Rodney Hudson, G/C – FSU
2.10 New England(From Texans) – @PFF_Akshay – Jabaal Sheard, DE/OLB
2.11 Denver (4-12) (From Min in Rd1) @Empulse – Kyle Rudolph, TE, ND
2.12 Detroit (6-10) @jhoe0411 – Jonathan Baldwin, WR – Pitt
2.13 San Francisco (6-10) @AllPurposeRoto – Marvin Austin, DL – UNC
2.14 New Orleans(From Ten-Hou-Den) @XavierMonk – Bruce Carter, OLB
2.15 Miami (7-9) (From STL) – @PFF_Zerodev – Mikel Leshoure, RB – Illinois
2.16 Oakland (8-8) @RaidersBlog – Stefen Wisniewski, C/OG – Penn State
2.17 Baltimore* (From Jac) @IHateJJRedick – Torrey Smith, WR – Maryland
2.18 San Diego (9-7) @PFF_Rick – Tandon Doss, WR
2.19 St. Louis (From Mia via TB in 1stR) @PFF_Tyson – Mason Foster, OLB
2.20 Washington (6-10)(From NYG) @JoshBDraft – Randall Cobb, WR
2.21 New England (2-14)(From Indy in 1st) – @PFF_Akshay – Rahim Moore, S
2.22 Philadelphia* (10-6) @eastcoastdog – Curtis Brown, CB – Texas
2.23 Kansas City* (10-6) @wTheFirstPick – Titus Young, WR – Boise St
2.24 Arizona (From Ten) @donovanhorn – Jake Locker, QB – Washington
2.25 Seattle* (7-9) @Thomsen80 – Colin Kaepernick, QB – Nevada
2.26 Jacksonville (From Bal) @CaliforniaJag – Martez Wilson, OLB
2.27 Atlanta* (13-3) @RumfordJohnny – Dontay Moch, OLB
2.28 Jacksonville (From Hou) @CaliforniaJag – Christian Ballard, DE/DT
2.29 San Diego – from New York Jets* (11-5) @PFF_Rick – Marcus Gilbert, OT
2.30 Chicago* (11-5) @thebrunomacedo – Drake Nevis, DT – LSU
2.31 Pittsburgh* (12-4) @AndrewMiley – Orlando Franklin, OT – Mia
2.32 Green Bay* (10-6) @Got_Next – Ras-I Dowling – CB, Virginia

Carolina -> New England: Armanti Edwards
Miami -> Denver: Brandon Marshall
New York Jets -> San Diego: Antonio Cromartie


Comments on: "Mockone #1 – Round 2" (20)

  1. Houston Texans 2.01 said:

    The Texans are pleased to announce a trade. The Texans have sent our 2012 1 round pick along with our second round pick #42 overall to the NE Patroits for pick 2.01 #33 overall and 2.28 #60 overall.

    With the 1st pick in the second round we have added OLB Justin Houston. We had a first round grade on houston and feel he will compete for a starting job this year.

    Adding two players the caliber of Jordan and Newton in the first 33 picks will give coach Phillips and his defensive staff some of the pieces they need to turn our defense around sooner rather than later.

    We have another pick in the 2nd along with 2 picks in the third so we will be talking again soon.

    • Houston Texans 2.07 said:

      After a pair of trades with the Broncos and the Titans, we were able to aquire the 7th pick in the second round. The Texans are proud to announce the addition of CB Aaron Williams from the Univ of Texas.

      Williams, Jordan and Houston will make up the core of the new Texans defense for years to come.

  2. New York Giants 2.03 said:

    A case could have been to take Ayres at 19 – he fills a huge hole at LB – one of the Giants’ most shallow positions. When he was still available at the top of the 2nd, I knew I had to make a move to get him. It became clear that Denver was going to take him at 2.04, so I negotiated with Washington to move up to the 2.03.

    Keith Bulluck is not likely to return, and he was a stopgap that had trouble staying healthy anyway. Ayers is now penciled in to start Week 1 – filling a major hole and need on the defensive side of the ball.

  3. @PFF_Akshay, Patriots 2.10 said:

    The Patriots take Jabaal Sheard here. Sheard fits well as a 3-4 OLB, and pass rush is something the Patriots need. Sheard was as high on the board as guys like Houston and Ayers, though he probably fell because of character concerns. I feel like of all the coaching staffs and locker rooms out there, the Patriots fit ‘character concerns’ well. They were cohesive last year, purposely drafted team captains, and have had success in the past with guys with ‘issues’ like Moss and Dillon. Sheard’s talent isn’t in question, and I felt he would have been taken soon after this pick had I traded down (backed up by Twitter comments). All in all, after 43 picks, the Patriots have shored up their defense bigtime, especially where rushing is concerned, and still have another 2nd in 2011, 3 3rds, and now also have 3 2012 1sts and 2 2012 3rds. Not too shabby!

  4. Detroit Lions 1.13 said:

    The Lions were hoping that Cannon the Olineman from TCU fell their way… that didnt happen… so we took the prospect that was highest on our board. It was definately a Luxury pick, but we felt Jonathon Baldwin was too big and talented of a reciever to pass up. He paired with Calvin could be fun to watch… hopefully he can run more than a GO route.

    Thought about Bruce Carter to fill a want/need, but the injury concerns steered us away from him.

  5. The Dolphins held the 19th pick in the 2nd round after an earlier trade with the Buccaneers, but when Mikel Leshoure fell to the middle of the round, we felt it was worth trading up a few spots to ensure we could grab the talented running back.

    We are excited to add the Illinois product to our offense. The dynamic running back has been compared to Steven Jackson, and if he can live up to those comparisons he will be a force in the Dolphins backfield for many years to come. Without free agency, we felt the need to address the running back position in this draft, and Leshoure is a great second-round prize.

  6. It is no secret the Raiders’ biggest weakness has been the offensive line and drafting Stefen strengthens this area of great need.

    He will be coached by his uncle Steve and be the starting center for the Raiders for years to come. He could also play guard in the short-term.

    Stefen will instantly be comfortable with his home and the Oakland Raiders look forward to having Wiz 2.0 dominate opponents for the Silver and Black like his uncle Steve.

  7. The Jaguars gained an extra 3rd and 6th round pick from the Baltimore Ravens by trading away pick 2.16. We had been targeting Jabaal Sheard, but he went several picks before ours. We moved back to pick 2.26 and were fortunate enough to be able to select Martez Wilson, LB, Illinois. Wilson will play OLB in our base 4-3 scheme, with the flexibility to play either inside or outside when the Jaguars show some 3-4 looks. We also expect Martez and his 4.40 40-yard dash speed to be an asset on special teams; expect to see him destroying blockers on the kickoff coverage unit. With outstanding size, speed, and strength, we expect Martez to be a starter for the Jaguars for years to come.

  8. After the Jaguars’ selection of Martez Wilson, there was one player left on our draft board that stood far above all the others remaining. We felt it was in our best interests to use some of the assets we had accumulated to move up and draft him. The Houston Texans traded us pick 2.28 in exchange for two picks we acquired earlier, picks 3.26 and pick 4.07. With pick 2.28, we selected Christian Ballard, DE/DT, Iowa. Ballard is a very versatile player; we feel he can be an asset as a 4-3 LDE in our base defense as well as a DE in the 3-4 looks we will show over the course of the season. Ballard is a disruptive interior player that has a quick first step and a nonstop motor. We feel he will be an excellent addition to our football team and help improve the defense.

  9. With the 22nd pick of the 2nd round, the Eagles addressed a need at cornerback. Curtis Brown of Texas was there for the taking. He has good size and top end speed. With Asante Samuel getting older, Ellis Hobbs career ending neck injury, and inconsisten play from Dmitri Patterson, this was a no brainer. He along with last year’s pick, Lindley, provide much needed depth at the position.

  10. Thomsen80 said:

    At 2.25 Seahawks select QB Colin Kaepernick of Nevada.

    Colin has been one of our favourite QB prospects through the whole draft process, so we are ecstatic to make him part of our organisation. Our new offensive coordnator Darell Bevell belives Colin is the perfect fit for the offense he is installing and he is capable of starting right away if needed.

    Colin has all the tools and intangibles required to become a top QB in the league.


    GM – Seattle Seahawks.

  11. @RumfordJohnny said:

    @ 2.27, the Falcons select Mike Peterson’s heir apparent , and dynamic pass rusher, Nevada’s Dontay Moch. Moch has elite 4.4 speed, and uses every ounce of it to get to the passer. Add him to Sean Witherspoon, and the Falcons pass rush just got better in their 4-3 situational packages.

  12. @PFF_Akshay, Patriots 2.2.1 said:

    Patriots took S Rahim Moore here. I’m convinced Meriweather is on the outs, mainly because of his horrid fundamentals and boneheaded plays. Moore seemed like nice value here, excels at coverage, and was easily the best safety in the draft. Is also a great character guy. Fills a need, was BPA, and was great value all in the same pick.

  13. Wow. What a round. If I had to use 1 word to sum up this round for the Broncos, it would be “VALUE”.

    In the first round I moved back initially hoping for Bowers or Quinn. . . Well, we know how that ended up. Both were drafted higher than I think they should have been, so I ended up moving up a bit to take Fairley. I’m simply not sold on Robert Ayers playing LDE. . . He has been such a dramatic failure so far, that I hesitate to have too much confidence in him and his ability.

    I know that Foxy likes these big, athletic DE’s and salivates over the thought of a guy like Bowers or Quinn. . . Well Coach, we didn’t quite do you Bowers or Quinn. . . We got you the big, MEAN, athletic, attitude filled Fairley instead. Oh, but by the way. ., . . We did manage to snake a pretty big fish in round 2. Adrian Frickin Clayborn at 2.04???? Are you kidding me?!?! Clayborn was our DE5 (ranked ahead of guys like Kerrigan, Aldon Smith, and Cam Heyward) and was top 20 on our bigboard.

    Clayborn: All-American. First Team All-Big Ten. Perennial Defensive Captain. Started the final 30 games of his NCAA career at DE for Iowa, MVP in the Orange Bowl vs GT. This guy has success written all over him. A big, explosive man ((6-3 1/8, 278 pounds)) Clayborn can play LDE in this system and be successful. Its believed that he may have fallen this far because of the condition he was born with (Erbs Palsy – a nerve condition suffered while birthing. . . which in his case caused one arm to be shorter than the other). However the Broncos are fully confident that with the clean bill of health our medical staff gave him this condition will not affect his ability to constantly attack the edge. While certainly not as strong as many DE’s (17 Bench Reps @ 225), his first move is explosive and dynamic. It truly must be witnessed to be appreciated.

    With Dumervil on the Right, Clayborn has every opportunity to be successful and downright dominant with the Denver Broncos.

    • 2.11

      Value. Value. Value!

      Many have Kyle Rudolph as a top 20 talent on the big board. We had him in our top 25. Happy to see him available at pick 43! Rudolph may be the next Rob Gronkowski, having similar ability. At 6-6, 259 pounds, the Golden Domer has the size and bulk to be the exact player that John Fox is looking for in his offense. With proven ability to block his contributions to the run game should be outstanding. His athletism makes him a “move” option, that defenses must honor regardless of where he lines up.

      While we still don’t have measurable numbers from him (no participation at the combine, and Pro-Day is 4/7), Rudolph is expected to be a mutli-threat player at the NFL level. His durability has been questioned by many, but the Broncos are confident that his incidents are isolated and will not prove an issue in the future.

  14. With an aging receiving corp I knew I had to get a starting quality guy in Round 2. Especially since half the league is starving for receiver depth. Torrey Smith has been mentioned as a possible 1st round guy and I was surprised guys like Hankerson and Baldwin were selected before him. With Smith I got the talent without the diva baggage. Thru two rounds I have two guys that can start or at the very least contribute right away.

  15. Redskins said:

    We traded back a couple times in this round aiming to get a player we felt would be a great value or fit a need. We were fortunate enough to be able to get both in our pick of Cobb because he can help at WR and RS. Cobb is a player we had in the early 2nd round on our board and was one of the targets we aimed to get at the start.

  16. And you people were worried I wouldn’t get a wideout. Some might question the Browns’ choice of Leonard Hankerson at 2.05, but we feel he is the perfect fit for the West Coast offense to be directed by Pat Shurmur and Colt McCoy. A big, physical receiver with outstanding ball skills, Hankerson can come in and push for a starting job immediately (an admittedly limited challenge in receiver-starved C-Town). We intend to get Carlton Mitchell off his posterior this season, and if you envision Mitchell, Massaquoi, Evan Moore and Leonard Hankerson in a four-wide, you start to see where other teams are going to have matchup problems.

  17. The Arizona cardinals were thrilled to get Marcus Cannon as he is the kind of big, powerfull lineman we needed to keep our young quarterbacks upright and we believe has the potential to play the tackle position as well as guard. He will be a dominate force up front for us for years to come.
    Later in this round i moved up to get Jake Locker as I thought the value and potential were too good to pass up on here at this spot and had to go after him. I feel that competition is always a good thing especially at the quarterback position; where if you don’t have a proven guy back there then you have to try to if you can. Although John Skelton showed some promise I feel having both these guys and Max Hall

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