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MockOne #1 – Round 6

6.01 – 166. Carolina Panthers: Ricky Elmore, DE – Arizona
6.02 – 167. Cincinnati Bengals: Lee Smith, TE – Marshall
6.03 – 168. Cleveland Browns(f/DEN): Jeff Maehl, WR – Oregon
6.04 – 169. Buffalo Bills: Virgil Green, TE – Nevada
6.05 – 170. Cleveland Browns: Jalil Brown, CB – Colorado
6.06 – 171. Tennessee Titans (From Ari): Ricardo Lockette, WR – Fort Valley
6.07 – 172. Minnesota Vikings: Kris O’Dowd, C – USC
6.08 – 173. Seattle Seahawks(f/DET): Bilal Powell, RB – Louisville
6.09 – 174. Oakland Raiders (From SF): Brandon Hogan, CB – West Virginia
6.10 – 175. Washington Redskins (From Ten): Brandon Bair, DE – Oregon
6.11 – 176. Dallas Cowboys: Lucas Patterson, DT – Texas A&M
6.12 – 177. New York Giants (From Was): Tim Barnes, C – Missouri
6.13 – 178. Houston Texans: Greg McElroy, QB – Alabama
6.14 – 179. Green Bay Packers (From Mia): Jerrod Johnson, QB – Texas A&M
6.15 – 180. Baltimore Ravens(f/STL): Tyrod Taylor, QB – Va Tech
6.16 – 181. Oakland Raiders: Ryan Jones, CB – Northwest Missouri State
6.17 – 182. Jacksonville Jaguars: Jah Reid, OT – UCF
6.18 – 183. San Diego Chargers: Akeem Dent, LB – Georgia
6.19 – 184. Arizona Cardinals(f/TB/PHI): Byron Maxwell, CB – Clemson
6.20 – 185. San Francisco (From Was via NYG): Jeremy Kerley, WR – TCU
6.21 – 186. Denver Broncos(f/PHI/DET): Chris Conte, FS – Cal
6.22 – 187. Tampa Bay Buccaneers(f/KC): Cliff Matthews, DE – USC
6.23 – 188. Indianapolis Colts: Jock Sanders, WR – West Virginia
6.24 – 189. Denver Broncos(f/NO/NE): Keith Williams, OG – Nebraska
6.25 – 190. San Francisco 49ers(f/SEA): Jabara Williams, OLB – Stephen F Austin
6.26 – 191. Jacksonville Jaguars (From Bal): Daniel Kilgore, OG/C – Appalachian St.
6.27 – 192. Atlanta Falcons: Rob Housler, TE – Florida Atlantic
6.28 – 193. New England Patriots: Craig Marshall, DE/OLB – Marshall
6.29 – 194. New York Jets: Darius Morris, G – Temple
6.30 – 195. Chicago Bears: Derek Newton, OT Arkansas St.
6.31 – 196. Pittsburgh Steelers: Dion Lewis, RB Pittsburgh
6.32 – 197. Green Bay Packers: Ugo Chinasa, DE, Ok St
6.33 – 198. New York Giants(comp): David Carter, DT UCLA
6.34 – 199. Kansas City Chiefs(comp): Johnny White, RB UNC
6.35 – 200. Minnesota Vikings(comp): DeMarcus Van Dyke, RB Miami
6.36 – 201. San Diego Chargers(comp):Brian Rolle, LB, Ohio St
6.37 – 202. New York Giants(comp): Josh Thomas, CB – Buffalo
6.38 – 203. Carolina Panthers(comp): Stephen Skelton, TE – Fordham

Trade Log:

  • Minnesota Vikings have traded 1.12, 2.11 (’11) and their 2nd (’12) for the Denver Broncos 1.02
  • Dallas Cowboys have traded 1.09, 3.07 & 5.12 for the Cincinnati Bengals 1.04 pick.
  • Denver Broncos have traded 1.12 and 3.03 for the Cincinnati Bengals 1.09 pick.
  • Tennessee Titans have traded pick 3.13, 4.12, 6.10, 7.08 (’11) and their 1st and 5th (’12) for the Washington Redskins pick 1.10, 7.08 and 7.20 (’11)
  • St. Louis Rams have traded pick 1.14 and 3.14 for the Houston Texans 1.11 pick.
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers have traded pick 1.20, 2.19 and 5.20 for The Miami Dolphins 1.15, 4.14 and 7.15 picks.
  • San Diego Chargers have traded pick 1.18, 3.25 and 7.18 for the Jacksonville Jaguars 1.16 and 4.24 picks.
  • Buffalo Bills have traded pick 2.04 & 4.25 for the Green Bay Packers 1.32 pick.
  • Indianapolis Colts have traded pick 2.21, 3.23, and their 1st, 3rd (’12) for the New England Patriots 1.17
  • Philadelphia Eagles have traded picks 1.23, 4.07 and 3rd (’12) for the Jacksonville Jaguars 1.18
  • New Orleans Saints have traded picks 1.24 & 3.08 for the Miami Dolphins 1.20 and 5.20
  • New England Patriots have traded picks 1.28, 4.28 and 7th (’12) for Seattle Seahawks 1.25 pick
  • Cincinnati Bengals have traded picks 2.03 and 4.04 for Chicago Bears 1.29 pick
  • Houston Texans have traded picks 2.10 and 1st (’12) for New England Patriots picks 2.01 and 2.28
  • Washington Redskins have traded 1st rd (’12) (TENN) + 2.09 for Chicago Bears picks 2.03, 3.29, 4.04, 4.30, 5.29, & 4th (’12).
  • New York Giants have traded 2.20, 3.19, 6.20 & 7.19 for Washington Redskins picks 2.03 & 6.12
  • Houston Texans have traded 3.09 & 3.14 for Denver Broncos pick 2.14
  • Houston Texans have traded 2.14 & 4.08 for Tennesee Titans 2.07
  • New Orleans Saints have traded 2.24 & 3.24 for Tennessee Titans 2.14 & 5.13 (I assume this means 5.11)
  • Baltimore Ravens have traded picks 2.26, 3.26 & 6.26 for Jacksonville Jaguars 2.17 pick and a 7th (’12)
  • Arizona Cardinals have traded picks 3.05, 4.06 & 6.06 for Tennesse Titans 2.24
  • Jacskonville Jaguars have traded picks 3.26 & 4.07 for for Houston Texans 2.28
  • Green Bay Packers have traded picks 3.32, 4.32, 4.34 to Cincinnati Bengals for 3.07.
  • Oakland Raiders have traded 3.17, 5.17 & 7.17 to San Francisco for 3.12 & 6.9
  • New York Jets have traded 3.30 & 4.29 to Denver Broncos for 3.14
  • Clevland Browns have traded 4.05 & 4th (’12) to Philidelphia Eagles for 3.21
  • Jacksonville Jaguars trade pick 4.17 to Minnesota Vikings for picks 5.08, 5.19, and 7.12.
  • Jaguars have traded Philadelphia’s 2012 3rd (Acquired earlier in the draft) for San Diego Chargers 4.24 & 7th (’12)
  • Washington Redskins have traded picks 160 and 6.20 to the San Fransisco 49ers picks 141 and 232
  • Miami Dolphins have traded picks 6.14 and 7th (’12) to the Green Bay Packers for 5.32
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    Comments on: "MockOne #1 – Round 6" (10)

    1. Gentlemen,

      Still wanting to focus on improving our defense, the Panthers select Defensive End Ricky Elmore. Strong, and smart when it comes to his defensive play, Ellmore has the potential to be a starter in this league. Although work will need to be done, we believe that Ricky will be able to step up to the challenge.

      Justin Occhionero
      GM, Carolina Panthers

    2. The Cleveland Browns are excited to add two talented players at positions of need early in the 6th round. With 6.03, we selected Jeff Maehl, a skilled and productive WR out of Oregon. Easily their best threat in the passing game, Maehl was the Ducks’ go-to receiver in big situations and on third down, and he can be that guy from the slot in Pat Shurmur’s offense. With 6.05, we took Jalil Brown, CB out of Colorado. Overshadowed by the talented Jimmy Smith at Colorado, Brown still acquitted himself fairly nicely as teams threw at him all day while avoiding Smith. There will be some bumps in the road, but this guy will be a solid pro in a league where you can never have enough defensive backs. We’re pleased to add both Jeff Maehl and Jalil Brown to the squad.

    3. Redskins said:


      With the 175th overall pick we chose Oregon DE Brandon Bair. While this was not the biggest need since getting Allen Bailey in the third round, we felt this was a good value. Bair is a tall, long, and productive pass rusher who wreaked havoc for the #2 team in the nation. He earned all-conference honors in 2010 and was one of the best ends in the country that was not talked about. One stat we liked is the 8 PBUs he had which will help us in our pass defense as he will not only get pressure on QBs he can drop into coverage and shrink passing lanes. He has great character and works very hard and with this being our only pick in the 6th round we knew that we had to get a real value.


      Redskins GM

    4. The Bengals took Marshall’s Lee Smith. Smith is known as an excellent blocking TE who makes a great pair with Jermaine Gresham. The Bengals usually employ a 3rd OT instead of a 2nd TE in their Jumbo packages. Lee Smith can play that role without tipping off the defense. We’re excited about this pick. He’s a player we’ve targeted from the beginning of the draft.

    5. Ryan Boser said:

      VIKINGS: 6.07 (172) — Kris O’Dowd, C; USC

      The selection of Kris O’Dowd will go a long way in our continued effort to bolster our offensive line. A four-year starter at USC, Kris became the first true freshman starter at center in school history. He’s a very intelligent, passionate player, and his impressive 31 bench press reps at the Combine represent the kind of raw power that we’re currently lacking at the position. At 6’4″, 304 lbs., Kris grades out as a 3rd-4th round prospect whose history of knee and shoulder injuries affected his draft stock. Still, we strongly considered him with one of our 4th round selections, and we expect him to compete immediately with incumbent John Sullivan.

    6. @RumfordJohnny said:

      @ Pick 6.27, the Falcons select Florida Atlantic ‘s, Rob Housler. Housler is a very fast and big target at TE, and will only be helped by learning under the tutelage of Tony Gonzalez, as he winds down his career in ATL. In the copycat league that is the NFL, having an extra pass catching TE is key (thanks, Hoodie!).

    7. With two picks in round six the Raiders were able to add two players in the secondary.

      Brandon Hogan and Ryan Jones could both develop into starters at the next level and will immediately contribute depth to a thin group.

      They will contribute on special teams challenge for nickel and dime roles with Jeremy Ware and Walter McFadden.

    8. New York Giants 177, 198 and 202 said:

      The Giants addressed needs with their 3 6th rounds picks

      Tim Barnes, C, Missouri: Giants have no depth between O’Hara who is starting to show significant wear and tear. Hopefully, O’Hara can play out the season and tutor Barnes to become the C of the future.

      David Carter, DT, UCLA: Cofield’s status is uncertain, Canty has had trouble staying health and Linval Joseph has been underwhelming in limited action. Carter is built well for a DT, hopefully he can continue to grow and develop.

      Josh Thomas, CB, Buffalo: Giants have no depth between Webster, Thomas and Ross, especially where Ross cannot seem to stay healthy. Thomas is a little small, but has all the tools and great upside.

    9. Gentlemen

      Adding to our receiving corps, the Panthers are glad to select Stephen Skelton of Fordham University. A good receiving tight end, we believe Stephen will develop into a solid possession receiver. His blocking still needs some work, but we look forward to seeing him progress with Jimmy in the years to come. Will also be expected to learn from and work with Jeremy Shockey once camp starts.

      Justin Occhionero
      GM, Carolina Pnathers

    10. The tight end position in Buffalo has been a sore spot for the last decade. We were pleasantly surprised to find him still available this late. Green is an athletic tight end who can also block. Nevada was the nations top rushing offense which means he can do something current tight end Shawn Nelson can’t….. block.

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