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MockOne #1 – Round 7

7.01 – 204. Green Bay Packers(f/CAR): Jarriel King, OT – South Carolina
7.02 – 205. Detroit Lions(f/DEN): Evan Royster, RB – PSU
7.03 – 206. Buffalo Bills: TJ Yates, QB – UNC
7.04 – 207. Cincinnati Bengals: Zane Taylor, C/G – Utah
7.05 – 208. New York Jets(f/ARZ): Bruce Miller, DE/OLB – UCF
7.06 – 209. Seattle Seahawks(f/CLE): Zach Hurd, OG – UConn
7.07 – 210. San Francisco 49ers(f/DET): Devon Torrence, CB – OSU
7.08 – 211. San Francisco 49ers: Schuylar Oordt, TE -Northern Iowa
7.09 – 212. Washington Redskins (From Ten): Justin Boren, OG – Ohio St
Dallas Cowboys:Selection Forfeited
7.10 – 213. Tennessee Titans (From Was): Owen Marecic, FB – Stanford
7.11 – 214. Houston Texans: Alex Green, RB – Hawaii
7.12 – 215. Jacksonville Jaguars (From Min): Richard Sherman, S/CB – Stanford
7.13 – 216. St. Louis Rams: Cory Grant, DT – TCu
7.14 – 217. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (From Mia): Mike Mohammed, LB – Cal
7.15 – 218. Miami Dolphins( f/JAC): Damien Berry, RB – Miami
7.16 – 219. San Francisco 49ers (From Oak): Chase Beeler, C/G – Stanford
7.17 – 220. Dallas Cowboys(f/SD): Mike Person, OT – Montana State
7.18 – 221. Washington Redskins (From NYG): Chris Neild, DT – West Virginia
7.19 – 222. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Doug Hogue, LB – Syracuse
7.20 – 223. Kansas City Chiefs: Nathan Enderle, QB – Idaho
7.21 – 224. Washington Redskins(f/IND): David Arkin, OT/OG – Missouri St.
7.22 – 225. Baltimore Ravens(f/PHI): Noel Devine, RB – West Virginia
7.23 – 226. New Orleans Saints: Cedric Thornton, DE/DT – Southern Arkansas
7.24 – 227. Philadelphia Eagles(f/SEA): Luther Davis, DE – Alabama
7.25 – 228. St. Louis Rams(f/BAL): Eddie Jones, DE – Texas
7.26 – 229. Atlanta Falcons: Derrick Locke, RB – UK
7.27 – 230. Atlanta Falcons(f/NE): Rich Lapham, OT – Boston College
Chicago Bears:Selection Forfeited
7.28 – 231. Washington(f/SF/NYJ/DET): Mario Addison, OLB – Troy
7.29 – 232. Pittsburgh Steelers): Frank Kearse, DT – Alabama A&M
7.30 – 233. Green Bay Packers: Dwight Dasher, RB – Mid Tenn St.
7.31 – 234. San Diego Chargers(comp): Tori Gurley, WR – South Carolina
7.32 – 235. Miami Dolphins(comp): Eugene Clifford, S – Tenn St.
7.33 – 236. Minnesota Vikings(comp): Jonas Mouton, OLB – Michigan
7.34 – 237. Philadelphia Eagles(comp): Micah Kia, G – UCLA
7.35 – 238. Tampa Bay Buccaneers(comp): Markus White, DE
7.36 – 239. San Francisco 49ers(comp): Stanley Vaili, FB – USC
7.37 – 240. Philadelphia Eagles(comp): Konrad Reuland, TE – Stanford
7.38 – 241. Oakland Raiders(comp): Will Yeatman, TE/OL – Maryland
7.39 – 242. Seattle Seahawks(comp): Kris Adams, WR – Utep
7.40 – 243. New Orleans Saints(comp): Trevis Turner, OT – ACU
7.41 – 244. Carolina Panthers(comp): Jeff Tarpinian, LB – Iowa
7.42 – 245. Buffalo Bills(comp): Stephen Burton, WR – Texas A&M
7.43 – 246. Cincinnati Bengals(comp): Jacquizz Rodgers, RB – Oregon St.
7.44 – 247. Denver Broncos(comp): Henry Hynoski, FB – Pitt
7.45 – 248. Cleveland Browns(comp): Chad Spann, RB – Northern Illinois
7.46 – 249. Arizona Cardinals(comp): Markell White, OLB – Central Ark
7.47 – 250. San Francisco 49ers(comp): Ryan Whalen, WR – Stanford
7.48 – 251. Tennessee Titans(comp): Colin Jones, FS – TCU
7.49 – 252. Dallas Cowboys(comp): Chris Matthews, WR – UK
7.50 – 253. Washington Redskins(comp): Keith Darbut, DE/OLB – Baldwin-Wallace
7.51 – 254. Houston Texans(comp): Chas Henry, P – Florida

Trade Log:

Minnesota Vikings have traded 1.12, 2.11 (’11) and their 2nd (’12) for the Denver Broncos 1.02
Dallas Cowboys have traded 1.09, 3.07 & 5.12 for the Cincinnati Bengals 1.04 pick.
Denver Broncos have traded 1.12 and 3.03 for the Cincinnati Bengals 1.09 pick.
Tennessee Titans have traded pick 3.13, 4.12, 6.10, 7.08 (’11) and their 1st and 5th (’12) for the Washington Redskins pick 1.10, 7.08 and 7.20 (’11)
St. Louis Rams have traded pick 1.14 and 3.14 for the Houston Texans 1.11 pick.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers have traded pick 1.20, 2.19 and 5.20 for The Miami Dolphins 1.15, 4.14 and 7.15 picks.
San Diego Chargers have traded pick 1.18, 3.25 and 7.18 for the Jacksonville Jaguars 1.16 and 4.24 picks.
Buffalo Bills have traded pick 2.04 & 4.25 for the Green Bay Packers 1.32 pick.
Indianapolis Colts have traded pick 2.21, 3.23, and their 1st, 3rd (’12) for the New England Patriots 1.17
Philadelphia Eagles have traded picks 1.23, 4.07 and 3rd (’12) for the Jacksonville Jaguars 1.18
New Orleans Saints have traded picks 1.24 & 3.08 for the Miami Dolphins 1.20 and 5.20
New England Patriots have traded picks 1.28, 4.28 and 7th (’12) for Seattle Seahawks 1.25 pick
Cincinnati Bengals have traded picks 2.03 and 4.04 for Chicago Bears 1.29 pick
Houston Texans have traded picks 2.10 and 1st (’12) for New England Patriots picks 2.01 and 2.28
Washington Redskins have traded 1st rd (’12) (TENN) + 2.09 for Chicago Bears picks 2.03, 3.29, 4.04, 4.30, 5.29, & 4th (’12).
New York Giants have traded 2.20, 3.19, 6.20 & 7.18 for Washington Redskins picks 2.03 & 6.12
Houston Texans have traded 3.09 & 3.14 for Denver Broncos pick 2.14
Houston Texans have traded 2.14 & 4.08 for Tennesee Titans 2.07
New Orleans Saints have traded 2.24 & 3.24 for Tennessee Titans 2.14 & 5.13 (I assume this means 5.11)
Baltimore Ravens have traded picks 2.26, 3.26 & 6.26 for Jacksonville Jaguars 2.17 pick and a 7th (’12)
Arizona Cardinals have traded picks 3.05, 4.06 & 6.06 for Tennesse Titans 2.24
Jacskonville Jaguars have traded picks 3.26 & 4.07 for for Houston Texans 2.28
Green Bay Packers have traded picks 3.32, 4.32, 4.34 to Cincinnati Bengals for 3.07.
Oakland Raiders have traded 3.17, 5.17 & 7.16 to San Francisco for 3.12 & 6.9
New York Jets have traded 3.30 & 4.29 to Denver Broncos for 3.14
Clevland Browns have traded 4.05 & 4th (’12) to Philidelphia Eagles for 3.21
Jacksonville Jaguars trade pick 4.17 to Minnesota Vikings for picks 5.08, 5.19, and 7.12.
Jaguars have traded Philadelphia’s 2012 3rd (Acquired earlier in the draft) for San Diego Chargers 4.24 & 7th (’12)
Washington Redskins have traded picks 160 and 6.20 to the San Fransisco 49ers picks 141 and 7.28(231)
Miami Dolphins have traded picks 6.14 and 7th (’12) to the Green Bay Packers for 5.32


Comments on: "MockOne #1 – Round 7" (12)

  1. Ryan Boser said:

    VIKINGS: 6.35 (200) — DeMarcus Van Dyke, CB; Miami

    Last year we took a flier on a prospect with rare athleticism at pick No. 199 (Joe Webb), and we think it’s turned out very well. In many ways, we’re taking a similar approach here. It’s hard not to be enamored with DeMarcus’ raw potential. His 4.25 40-yard dash was the fastest at the Combine, and the third fastest in the past decade. In addition to his blazing speed, he has excellent height for a cornerback (6’1″). We felt that DeMarcus’ freakish height/speed combination were worth a shot at this point in the draft. At 175 lbs., he’ll clearly need to spend some time in the weight room. Moreover, his actual football skills are incredibly raw. Minnesota is the perfect fit for DeMarcus. He won’t be pressured to play immediately, new coach Leslie Frazier is a defensive backs guru, and veteran Antoine Winfield provides second-to-none tutelage. Our goal is to turn this amazing athlete into a football player.

  2. With the 15th pick in the 7th round, the Dolphins select Damien Berry, RB, Miami. Pairing him with Leshoure could prove to be a great combination, as Berry is a tough runner in between the tackles. He also has some agility for a downhill runner, and soft hands as a receiver. We feel he was underutilized at Miami, hence he is severely underrated going into this draft. Drafting him this late is a slam dunk.

  3. Redskins GM said:


    With pick 7.09 we took Justin Boren because he presented great value and filled a need. We had him as a 5th-6th round grade and believe he could be a solid backup who provides depth from day one.


    Redskins GM

  4. Redskins GM said:


    With pick 7.21 we selected Chris Neild because we needed a nose guard and he was the best on the board by far. He will step in and give us depth at a position we need to improve at because of the importance of it in our scheme.


    Redskins GM

  5. Redskins GM said:


    This is our favorite part of the draft, as you can see with us having 5 picks, and we decided to stockpile the trenches. There was so much talent on the board that with linemen flying off the board late in the 6th and early in the 7th we got nervous but were fortunate enough to get the guys we began to target in the 5th round. Arkin is one of those guys. He can play guard or tackle, has great size, and is very smart. He will provide us great depth at both positions as a rookie and could develop into a starter in 2-3 years.


    Redskins GM

  6. With the 32nd pick of the 7th round, and our final pick in the Mock One draft, the Dolphins select Eugene Clifford, S, Tennessee State. Clifford has great size, speed, and strength for the position, and we felt we could develop him slowly behind Yeremiah Bell. His off-field concerns and tendency to “check out” are acceptable risks at this stage in the draft, and we felt his upside was too great to pass him up here.

  7. Redskins GM said:


    With the 28th pick of the 7th round, we took Troy DE/OLB Mario Addison who we believe fits our 3-4 scheme at OLB. He is productive and athletic joining a long line of Troy pass rushers and we hope he is just half as good as DeMarcus Ware. He’s a guy we thought we could get at 253 but decided not to risk it as some other team could find his name and steal a good player from us. He’s a guy we have targeted ever since we got into the 5th round and are glad to have this kid on our roster.


    Redskins GM

  8. Gentlemen,

    TO close off our draft, the Carolina Panthers went for more defensive depth by selecting OLB Jeff Tarpinian. On his pro day, the talented linebacker showed exceptional skill, especially in his 40 yard dash (4.48) and 20 yard shuttle (3.85). Seeing as speed is what are outside linebacker corps lacks, Tarpinian should fit in nicely. Although doubtful to be a starter right away, we fully expect him to contribute on special teams this year. In the years to come, we expect great things from him.

    Justin Occhionero
    GM, Carolina Panthers

  9. With their final pick, the Bengals selected Jacquizz Rodgers of Oregon St. There were other needs to address, but I wanted to draft a player I knew would make the team.
    Quizz had a 5th round grade from our staff, so to get him with a comp. pick in the 7th is a steal. He will come in and complete what is now a strong stable of running backs including Mark Ingram, Bernard Scott and Brian Leonard.
    Quizz Rodgers best chance to see playing time may be as a pass catcher out of the backfield and in the return game.

  10. Will Yeatman could develop into a starting tackle in time. Until he adds weight and learns the position the Raiders could deploy him as a 6th lineman, a role filled by Khalif Barnes last season.

    Yeatman will give the Raiders a bit more of a pass-catching threat from the sixth blocker than Barnes.

    He’s a gifted athlete and will find a way to help the team.

    Yeatman is easily worth a 7th round pick in hopes that his tremendous athletic ability will translate given time.

  11. While there has been a lot of talk this off season about the Bills needing to address the QB position early in the draft I felt differently. Fitzpatrick may not be a long term solution, but he is better suited for the job than he is being giving credit for. I feel that developing a QB for 2-3 years makes more sense than trying to draft an instant started, plus I am not as high on the “top” QBs in this draft as some others seem to be. Yates is certainly not ready to start, but given 3 years to learn the offense and develop a feel for the speed of the NFL game I think he has just as good a chance at becoming a quality starter as some guys who will be drafted much earlier.

  12. With the 245th pick in the draft I decided to go with the talented big WR from West Texas A&M. Stephen Burton ran a 4.38 at his pro day and at 6’1 220lbs that makes him a very intriguing player. I love the potential here and think this is a steal of a pick.

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