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Cincinnati Bengals

GM: @JoeGoodberry of CincyJungle.com –>2 DL, 2 RB, 1 QB, 2 WR, 1 S, 2 OL, 1 S, 1 TE –> 12 Picks


12. Cincinnati (4-12) (From Den via Min) – @JoeGoodberry – Aldon Smith, DE

29. Cincinnati (4-12) (From Chi) – @JoeGoodberry – Mark Ingram, RB – Bama

3.02 Cincinnati (4-12) – @JoeGoodberry – Andy Dalton, QB – TCU

3.03 Cincinnati (4-12)(From Den) – @JoeGoodberry – Greg Little, WR – UNC

3.32 Cincinnati  (From GB) – @JoeGoodberry – Jaiquawn Jarrett, S – Temple

4.25 (122) Cincinnati (From GB via Buff  Thru SEA): Niles Paul, WR – Nebraska

4.32 (129) Cincinnati (From GB) : Jurrell Casey, DT – USC

5.03 (134) Cincinnati Bengals: Lee Ziemba, T/G – Auburn

5.12 (143) Cincinnati Bengals (f/DAL): Ahmad Black, S – Florida

6.02 – 167. Cincinnati Bengals: Lee Smith, TE – Marshall

7.04 – 207. Cincinnati Bengals: Zane Taylor, C/G – Utah

7.43 – 246. Cincinnati Bengals(comp): Jacquizz Rodgers, RB – Oregon St.


Trade Log:

Dallas Cowboys have traded 1.09, 3.07 & 5.12 for the Cincinnati Bengals 1.04 pick.

Denver Broncos have traded 1.12 and 3.03 for the Cincinnati Bengals 1.09 pick.

Cincinnati Bengals have traded picks 2.03 and 4.04 for Chicago Bears 1.29 pick

Green Bay Packers have traded picks 3.32, 4.32, 4.34 to Cincinnati Bengals for 3.07.

12 Missouri DE Aldon Smith — Ideal blend of length, explosiveness; starts immediately at RE.

29 Alabama RB Mark Ingram — A rich man’s Cedric Benson, who figures to depart in free agency.

66 TCU QB Andy Dalton — “Winner”: A high-value pick in the third round, not anywhere else.

67 North Carolina WR Greg Little — A run-after-catch wideout to book end Jerome Simpson.

96 Temple S Jaiquawn Jarrett — Ballhawk with plenty of physicality; starts at strong safety.

122 Nebraska WR Niles Paul — Another run-after-catch receiver who plays fast, can return.

129 USC DT Jurrell Casey — Should’ve stayed in school, but gets upfield when motivated.

134 Auburn T/G Lee Ziemba — Ziemba is short on athleticism, and will make switch to guard.

143 Florida S Ahmad Black — Steal in the middle of round five; draft’s top playmaking DB?

167 Marshall TE Lee Smith — Blocking specialist tight end to complement Jermaine Gresham.

207 Utah C Zane Taylor — Heady center who can do a ton of reps on 225-pound bench press.

246 Oregon State RB Jacquizz Rodgers — Mayock is talking about him as a third-round pick.
The surprisingly aggressive Bengals traded down twice in round one, picking up two extra third-round picks and a fifth-rounder for their move from No. 4 to 12.  It’s a Belichickian swindle, and Cincinnati still came away with an elite pass rusher to book end emerging star Carlos Dunlap.  The Bengals didn’t acquire a franchise quarterback, but Dalton is considered more pro-ready than most signal callers in this class after 50 college starts.  New coordinator Jay Gruden’s West Coast offense also gives Dalton his best chance at success.  The Bengals impressively filled the rest of their glaring holes in a tremendous collection of talent.  It’s the best draft this grader graded.

Grade: A

Graded by Evan Silva – Rotoworld.com – @EvanSilva


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  1. 1.12 – Aldon Smith
    The Cincinnati Bengals are proud to introduce Missouri’s Aldon Smith as our first pick in the MockOne draft. When our original pick came up, we knew trading back was our best option. We had Seven prospects that we still liked on our board. So we traded back with Dallas and received an extra third & fifth round pick. When our pick came up again. We still had three prospects on our board when Denver asked to trade up. We took the deal and moved back to number twelve. Finally we made our pick.

    We felt like Aldon Smith was a shade behind the top two DEs that were drafted much earlier. Smith will come in day one and rotate with third year man Michael Johnson at RDE. In nickel packages, Smith will slide inside where he’s arguably at his best. Lined up with Michael Johnson, Geno Atkins and Carlos Dunlap nickel. The addition of Aldon Smith will make our young pass rushing line very scary for opponents. We believe after Smith, the pass rushing DEs take a dip in talent. Whereas other positions can be had later in the draft.

    With ten more picks in the draft, the Cincinnati Bengals plan on making a splash while filling holes. The rebuilding process has begun.

    1.29 – Mark Ingram
    We saw an opportunity to trade up and draft a player we had ranked in our top 15. We only gave up a 4th round pick for what we believe is a true special talent. Mark Ingram is a player you can shape your offense around. He’s an every down back and will be the identity of our offense. Its not about reaching for needs. Its about drafting players that can contribute not only in 2011, but in the future. We want players who will be on our roster for 6-8 years. Needs will be will be filled via free agency. (Whenever that is)

  2. 3.3 & 3.4 – Andy Dalton & Greg Little

    The Bengals had back-to-back picks early in the third round. We have selected Andy Dalton, QB, TCU and Greg Little, WR, UNC.

    We had a mid-second round grade in Dalton. We think his best fit is the west coast offense, where he can use his strengths to their fullest in the NFL. Dalton comes into camp competing for the starting QB job.

    Greg Little is a guy we’re taking a chance on. We think he would have easily been a second round pick had he not missed his final season as a Tar heel. We feel Little’s upside outweighed any perceived character questions. He has the physical ability to be a starting WR in the NFL. He’s also a great fit for the WCO because we can take advantage of his great YAC ability.

  3. 3.32 – Jaiquawn Jarrett – S – Temple

    Te Bengals are proud to announce the selection of safety Jaiquawn Jarrett of Temple. We feel Jarrett is one of the most coveted underrated prospects in this years draft. To draft him as late into the 3rd as we did is a blessing. He has a chance to come in and immediately gain snaps of defense and special teams. We view him as a player who is just coming into his own and will only get better with NFL coaching and experience.

  4. 4.25 – Niles Paul – WR – Nebraska

    Paul is an underrated WR and we had a solid 4th round grade on him. He’s should be even more attractive to WCO teams because of his YAC ability. Niles Paul has a chance to compete for a starting WR spot on the Bengals.
    Paul, Greg Little and Jordan Shipley are currently the only WRs signed beyond 2011.

    4.32 – Jurrell Casey – DT – USC

    The Bengals weren’t looking for a DT, but USC’s Jurrell Casey was a great value pick at this point. If he stayed in school for his senior season, Casey could’ve been a 2nd round pick. Casey makes Tank Johnson expendable. He comes in looking for playing time behind Domata Peko, Pat Sims & Geno Atkins.

  5. 5.2 – Lee Ziemba – T/G – Auburn

    Fair value here for Ziemba in the 5th round. He will have the chance to compete for the starting LG spot on the Bengals, while also backing up at Tackle. Ziemba is a winner and comes from a top Program.

    5.12 – Ahmad Black – S – Florida

    Ahmad Black’s measurables leave something to be desired. His intangibles do not. Black is a great football player. I would readily take him in round 2 if he was 6’0″ 205 lbs. He’s not, so instead I get a player in round 5 that will make this team better. Black is one of those guys who will continually make the roster for the next 5-8 years. How many times can you say that with a 5th round pick? He’s also another winner from a big time program.

  6. 6.2 – Lee Smith – TE – Marshall

    The Lee Smith pick may look strange on the surface. Our plan is to use him as a #2 blocking TE who can compliment Jermaine Gresham’s receiving skills. Lee Smith is known for his blocking ability. He’s almost a 6th offensive lineman out there. That works to the Bengals strengths because they like to bring in a jumbo package and run the ball with 6 linemen. Lee Smith can provide almost the same advantage in 2 TE sets without bringing in the bright neon sign that reads “RUN PLAY!” in backup OT Dennis Roland.

  7. 7.2 – Zane Taylor – C/G – Utah

    Taylor was need and slight value pick. We had a 5-6 round grade on him after his impressive workouts this offseason. Taylor will have to battle for playing time with 2nd year player Reggie Stephens for a backup interior spot. Both should make the 53 man as we look for a starting LG and possibly a starting Center if Kyle Cook cannot be re-signed.

    7.44 – JacQuizz Rodgers – RB- Oregon St

    The was a straight value pick. We had a solid 5th round grade on Quizz. We we’re definitely surprised to see him last this long. It must have been his average workout numbers.
    Quizz gives us a strong stable of RBs that’s now four deep. We want to run the ball and drafting Ingram and Rodgers will go a long way. Add in Bernard Scott and 3rd down back Brian Leonard, and we can be both dynamic and effective in the run game. Quizz also gives an added boost to the return game.

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