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Houston Texans

GM: @JohnADuckworth –> 1 DL, 1 LB, 1 CB, 1 S, 1 WR, 1 TE 1 QB, 1 RB, 1 P –> 9 Picks


14. Houston (6-10) (Via StL) – @JohnADuckworth – Cameron Jordan, DE – Cal

2.01 Houston (6-10)(From NE) @JohnADuckworth – Justin Houston, OLB

2.07 Houston (6-10)(From Ten) @JohnADuckworth – Aaron Williams, CB

3.26 Houston (From Jax via Balt) – @JohnADuckworth – DeAndre McDaniel, S

4.07 (104) Houston (f/WAS)(From Jac via Phi): Vincent Brown, WR – SDSU

5.07 (138) Houston Texans: Luke Stocker, TE – Tennessee

6.13 – 178. Houston Texans: Greg McElroy, QB – Alabama

7.11 – 214. Houston Texans: Alex Green, RB – Hawaii

7.51 – 254. Houston Texans(comp): Chas Henry, P – Florida


Trade Log:

St. Louis Rams have traded pick 1.14 and 3.14 for the Houston Texans 1.11 pick.

Houston Texans have traded picks 2.10 and 1st (’12) for New England Patriots picks 2.01 and 2.28

Houston Texans have traded 3.09 & 3.14 for Denver Broncos pick 2.14

Houston Texans have traded 2.14 & 4.08 for Tennesee Titans 2.07

Jacskonville Jaguars have traded picks 3.26 & 4.07 for for Houston Texans 2.28


14 California DE Cameron Jordan — Reach for a five-technique end, and may not even start.

33 Georgia LB Justin Houston — Outstanding measurables and production in the SEC.

39 Texas CB/S Aaron Williams — Fine value, but yet another safety/cornerback ‘tweener.

90 Clemson S DeAndre McDaniel — The Texans didn’t need another in-the-box safety.

104 San Diego State WR Vincent Brown — Slot receiver prospect with remarkable hands.

138 Tennessee TE Luke Stocker — Another superb value, but don’t see where he fits.

178 Alabama QB Greg McElroy — Middle of the sixth round is probably where he belongs.

214 Hawaii RB Alex Green — Versatile, and a dominant track record of per-play production.

254 Florida P Chas Henry — A need spot, but probably doesn’t have a future in the NFL.

A draft big on big names.  Houston catches heat from draftniks, but he finished second in the SEC in sacks last season and may be the most naturally explosive pass rusher in the draft.  He was the best pick in this lot.  While value across the board was impressive, the Texans could’ve done a better job of addressing holes on their roster with scheme fits.  McDaniel is another Bernard Pollard type, struggling in coverage.  Williams isn’t a noticeable upgrade on Glover Quin.  Jordan isn’t going to do much for Houston’s pass rush, and how often will he play behind Mario Williams and Antonio Smith?  The Texans got some good players.  Not sure if their team is much better.


Grade: C+

Graded by Evan Silva – Rotoworld.com – @EvanSilva


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