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Kansas City Chiefs

GM: @wTheFirstPick of WithTheFirstPick.com – 2 DL, 2 WR, 1 S, 1 OL,  1 RB, 1 QB


21. Kansas City* (10-6) – @wTheFirstPick – Phil Taylor, DT – Baylor

2.23 Kansas City* (10-6) @wTheFirstPick – Titus Young, WR – Boise St

3.22 Kansas City* (10-6) – @wTheFirstPick – Quinton Carter, S – Oklahoma

4.21 (118) Kansas City : Brandon Fusco, C – Slippery Rock

5.09 (140) Kansas City Chiefs(f/DET): Greg Salas, WR – Hawaii

5.04 (135) Kansas City Chiefs(f/DEN/TB): Ian Williams, DT – Notre Dame

6.34 – 199. Kansas City Chiefs(comp): Johnny White, RB UNC

7.20 – 223. Kansas City Chiefs: Nathan Enderle, QB – Idaho


Trade Log:

No Trades

21 Baylor NT Phil Taylor — Fine value and fills a major need with Ron Edwards a free agent.

55 Boise State WR Titus Young — Young is a burner; another value-meets-need selection.

86 Oklahoma S Quinton Carter — The strong safety to 2010 No. 5 pick Eric Berry’s free.

118 Slippery Rock C Brandon Fusco — A bit early; Fusco has talent but is developmental.

135 Notre Dame NT Ian Williams — Undersized two-gap nose with potential for a rotation.

140 Hawaii WR Greg Salas — Todd Haley will love Salas’ route running and reliable hands.

199 North Carolina RB Johnny White — One of the draft’s best sleeper running backs.

223 Idaho QB Nathan Enderle — Big armed and heady, but probably not long for the NFL.

G.M. Scott Pioli’s team surprised on two counts: The Chiefs stood pat, not making a single trade on draft weekend, and took chances on players with character concerns (Taylor, Young).  But value matched need with both picks, and Kansas City continued to draft well into the sixth round.  White could make last year’s miss on Dexter McCluster less problematic, while the wideouts joning Pioli’s roster are both potential instant-impact players at a position the Chiefs annually struggle aside from Dwayne Bowe.  It’s a good-looking draft that certainly makes the roster better.  They get dinged a bit for the first-round trade up. have potential to start down the road.

Grade: B+

Graded by Evan Silva – Rotoworld.com – @EvanSilva


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