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Dallas Cowboys

GM: @allen21howard –> 1 CB, 2 OL, 1 RB, 1 DL, 1 WR –> 6 Picks _____________________________________________________

4. Dallas (6-10) (via Cin) – @allen21howard – Patrick Peterson, CB – LSU

2.08 Dallas (6-10) @allen21howard – Benjamin Ijalana, OT – Villanova

4.13 (110) Dallas : Roy Helu Jr, RB – Nebraska

6.11 – 176. Dallas Cowboys: Lucas Patterson, DT – Texas A&M

7.17 – 220. Dallas Cowboys(f/SD): Mike Person, OT – Montana State

7.49 – 252. Dallas Cowboys(comp): Chris Matthews, WR – UK _____________________________________________________

Trade Log: Dallas Cowboys have traded 1.09, 3.07 & 5.12 for the Cincinnati Bengals 1.04 pick. _______________________________________________________

The Cowboys started off their draft on a high note, selecting Jerry Jones’ purported top prospect, LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson. And the team managed to get him without trading away the farm, only giving up picks in the third and fifth round to move up to the fourth overall pick.

In addition, the Boys managed to get good value with second round selection Ben Ijalana. While not a first-tier offensive line prospect, the Villanova product’s pretty close. There was a clear drop-off from Ijalana to the rest of the offensive tackle crop, making this a very smart pick.

In the fourth round, Dallas managed to get an above average back in Roy Helu Jr. The team’s had luck finding good runners in the fourth round (Marion Barber, Tashard Choice) and Helu could be another success story..

Also, the team managed to pick up a good developmental 3-4 end in Lucas Patterson and a big-bodied wideout in Chris Matthews. Both of those guys could challenge for roster spots or, at the very worst, prove worthy of being stashed for a year on the practice squad.

Grade: A-

Grades by Aaron Aloysius – @AaronAloysius


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