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New York Giants

GM: @EyeoftheGator –>2 OL, 1 LB, 1 RB, 1 DL, 1 CB

1.19. New York Giants (10-6) – @EyeoftheGator – Nate Solder, OT – Colorado

2.03 New York Giants (From Was via Chi) @EyeoftheGator – Akeem Ayers, OLB

4.20 (117) New York Giants: Jordan Todman, RB – UConn

6.12 – (177) New York Giants (From Was): Tim Barnes, C – Missouri

6.33 – (198) New York Giants(comp): David Carter, DT UCLA

6.37 – (202) New York Giants(comp): Josh Thomas, CB – Buffalo

Trade Log:

New York Giants have traded 2.20, 3.19, 6.20 & 7.19 for Washington Redskins picks 2.03 & 6.12


Apparently, the Giants are convinced they can turn Nate Solder into a much better football player than he was at Colorado. The team picked the inconsistent offensive tackle 19th overall, which is a big gamble on a guy who often played like a third round prospect. The Giants long have entertained the possibility of moving David Diehl inside, but they very well may have to slide Diehl back out there if/when Solder struggles.

The Giants did get better value in the second round with UCLA outside linebacker Akeem Ayers. The impressively-built backer didn’t test well in Indy but plays fast on the field and offers intriguing pass rush potential. However, the Giants did have to trade away their third round pick to move up and get him, thereby depleting their draft pick reserves.

Fortunately, the team did make some wise mid-to-late round selections. The team took advantage of the deep running back class, drafting Jordan Todman in the fourth frame. He could fit in somewhere between Bradshaw and Jacobs in the squad’s backfield timeshare. In addition, they got a potential starting center of the future in Mizzou product Tim Barnes and high upside late rounders in defensive lineman David Carter and corner Josh Thomas.

If some of these mid/late round picks end up being big hits, the Giants’ draft will looking pretty sharp, but starting with Solder in the first and nothing in the third puts it on very shaky ground.

Grade: B-

Graded by Aaron Aloysius – @AaronAloysius


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