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Washington Redskins

GM: @JoshBDraft – 1 WR, 1 QB, 3 DL, 3 LB, 3 S, 2 RB, 1 TE, 2 OL –> 16 Picks

……………………………… + Tennesse Titans  5th Round (2012)

2.20 Washington (6-10)(From NYG) @JoshBDraft – Randall Cobb, WR

3.13 Washington (From Titans) – @JoshBDraft – Allen Bailey, DE – Miami

3.19 Washington (From NYG) – @JoshBDraft – Greg Jones, ILB – Mich St.

3.29 Washington (From Chi) – @JoshBDraft – Ricky Stanzi, QB – Iowa

4.04 (101) Washington (From Chi via Cin) : Robert Sands, SS – West Virginia

4.12 (109) Washington (From Ten): Taiwan Jones, RB – EWU

4.30 (127) Washington (From Chi) : Marcus Gilchrist, S – Clemson

5.10 (141) Washington Redskins (From SF): Mark LeGree, FS – App St.

5.13 (144) Washington Redskins: Delone Carter, RB Syracuse

5.24 (155) Washington Redskins(f/NO): Jordan Cameron, TE – USC

6.10 – 175. Washington Redskins (From Ten): Brandon Bair, DE – Oregon

7.09 – 212. Washington Redskins (From Ten): Justin Boren, OG – Ohio St

7.18 – 221. Washington Redskins (From NYG): Chris Neild, DT – West Virginia

7.21 – 224. Washington Redskins(f/IND): David Arkin, OT/OG – Missouri St.

7.28 – 231. Washington(f/SF/NYJ/DET): Mario Addison, OLB – Troy

7.50 – 253. Washington Redskins(comp): Keith Darbut, DE/OLB – Baldwin-Wallace

Trade Log:

Tennessee Titans have traded pick 3.13, 4.12, 6.10, 7.08 (’11) and their 1st and 5th (’12) for the Washington Redskins pick 1.10, 7.08 and 7.20 (’11)

Washington Redskins have traded 1st rd (’12) (TENN) + 2.09 for Chicago Bears picks 2.03, 3.29, 4.04, 4.30, 5.29, & 4th (’12).

New York Giants have traded 2.20, 3.19, 6.20 & 7.18 for Washington Redskins picks 2.03 & 6.12

Washington Redskins have traded picks 160 and 6.20 to the San Fransisco 49ers picks 141 and 7.28(231)


Oftentimes, a new coaching staff opts to trade down in exchange for more picks, thereby bringing in a large group of guys to rebuild the squad. In this case, the Redskins’ GM decided to go pick-happy in the second year of Shanny’s regime.

The Redskins were the most active team in Mock One, acquiring a dizzying number of picks. After trading down three times, the team selected Kentucky wideout Randall Cobb. While he may never be a true #1 receiver, Cobb was an excellent value twenty picks into the second frame. He can contribute as a returner, Wildcat quarterback, and a dynamic threat from the slot.

However, the team’s three picks in the third round weren’t quite as awe-inspiring. The team made a decent risk/reward selection in Miami defensive lineman Allen Bailey, but it’s unclear whether he’ll be able to refine his skill set and adjust to playing in a 3-4 defense. The scheme switch could prove to be especially difficult for Michigan State LB Greg Jones, whose struggles shedding block will be magnified playing in an odd front. And while Iowa quarterback Ricky Stanzi has some positive qualities, he projects more as a long-term backup than a true franchise QB.

With their remaining picks, the Redskins did a nice job of bringing in complementary players in multiple position groups: stocky running back Delone Carter and speedster Taiwan Jones; oversized safety Robert Sands and corner/safety tweener Marcus Gilchrist; developmental 3-4 end Brandon Bair and future nose tackle Chris Neildd. Add in basketball player turned tight end Jordan Cameron, and the team appears to have brought in a great deal of talented prospects while avoiding any redundant picks.

That said, there’s a reason teams don’t accumulate this many picks: Washington won’t be able to fit all of these players onto their 53 man roster, and many of the eventual castoffs are too talented to make it through waivers. But the players that do make the squad will be better than your typical mid-to-late round pick.

Grade: B

Graded by Aaron Aloysius – @AaronAloysius


Comments on: "Washington Redskins" (12)

  1. Redskins GM said:

    I just wanted to say we were very happy with our draft. We filled all of our needs and will cut several veterans to make room for this very talented class. There were only 2-3 targets we wanted and did not get but felt each of them were overdrafted so we are very happy to have this group.


    Redskins GM

  2. Next step? Could you provide an overview of each selection’s college career/scouting report? I’d love to review that as I’m not nearly as familiar with these players as you obviously are. Thanks much.

  3. redskinrey said:

    Tennessee wouldn’t trade half of there draft just to move up two spots.

  4. redskinrey said:

    Tennessee wouldn’t trade half of there draft just to move up two spots

    • Re-read- tennesee isn’t trading a first round, they are moving from a 3rd rd pick to the skins 1st.

  5. yeah i agree who gives up 4 picks expescially if they have good pics in the third and 4th rounds? if the draft is that talanted then why give all that away for two spots? yeahh i dont see that happening

  6. This draft class isn’t very good for the skins.

    What are the skins needs? QB, NT, OLB, ILB, DE, G, C, T, CB, WR x 2, RB in that order.

    Their top 3 biggest needs are QB, NT, and OLB. We have to assume we will not be able to re-sign free agents like Moss and Brown. Maybe you drafted on the assumption we will be re-signing some free agents which i think is a dangerous thing to assume.

    How many of the top needs did you hit? QB. We are left without a NT and without a pass rusher. Looks like our defense won’t be able to stop the run or rush the passer again this year. I’m not counting the 7th round picks because they rarely turn into impact players.

    So after this draft our needs are: NT, OLB, G, C, T, CB, WR. I understand that we had a lot of needs to fill but with so many picks you probably should have been able to do more.

    What i dont like:
    Why 2 safeties in the 4th round? Its one of the few areas we actually have 2 quality starters. I don’t like drafting 2 RBs, one would have been fine. Why a TE so high with Cooley and Davis around? Again one of the few non-need areas of the team. Offensive line, nose tackle, and pass rusher were addressed too late.

    As for the trades…

    Theres no way the Titans would give up that many picks in the first trade. In the second trade, personally i hate trading away a 1st round pick ever and its bad value for the skins in my opinion. We are likely looking at another top 10 pick in 2012 so the Bears got a steal on that trade.

    Thats my 2 cents.

  7. John E Friend said:

    To trade out of the first round this year is a no no. Too much talent in the first round. Trade back yes, somewere in the early to mid teens depends on who falls at 10. I see trading back as far as to New England, and no further, possibly picking up another second with New England’s plenty of 2nd round picks, but , a 3rd w/ any one else. So, I see either Quinn or Aldon Smith in the first round as a result in a trade back. If we do manage to get another 2nd rounder, then its either Ponder or Kaepernick then Hankerson in the second. If we trade back and only get a 3rd rounder, then its Quinn or Smith in the 1st, Ponder or Kaepernick in the second, then either Terrence Toliver or Ricardo Lockette at WR or if we go RB its either Da’Rel Scott or Alexander Green. Thats why the draft is so fun because its so unpredictable, its also a headache. I do like your Sands, Bailey and Arkin picks, those I still see getting.

  8. i agree, the trades here are somewhat unrealistic… i don’t have a problem with making deals that make this team better top to bottom… i would prefer to see emphasis on finding the best player available with a bit more weight toward need… this team needs to be built before the best player available regardless of need concept can be put in place…

  9. Hey Danny, hoe old are you because I think you skipped elementary school and middle. Or you just skipped spelling classes. Haha. Expecially? Talanted? This had been the joke of the day. Thanks for the good laughs. I just hope we pick up a couple picks in the second and third round somehow. Go Redskins!

  10. I did forget the ? Mark and it has instead of it had but I was laughing too hard to fix it hahahaha Expecially hahahaha

  11. And how instead of hoe. You looked more retarded than Danny you idiot.

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