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Minnesota Vikings

GM: @MN_CheapSeats — 1 QB, 2 OL, 1 RB, 1 LB –> 5 Picks

2. Minnesota (6-10) (Via Den) – @MN_CheapSeats – Blaine Gabbert, QB – MO

4.09 (106) Minnesota : Joseph Barksdale, OT – LSU

4.17 (114) Minnesotta (From Jac): Tyler Sash, S – Iowa

6.07 – 172. Minnesota Vikings: Kris O’Dowd, C – USC

6.35 – 200. Minnesota Vikings(comp): DeMarcus Van Dyke, RB Miami

7.33 – 236. Minnesota Vikings(comp): Jonas Mouton, OLB – Michigan


Trade Log:

Minnesota Vikings have traded 1.12, 2.11 (’11) and their 2nd (’12) for the Denver Broncos 1.02

Jacksonville Jaguars trade pick 4.17 to Minnesota Vikings for picks 5.08, 5.19, and 7.12.


If you don’t have a franchise quarterback, you have to do everything you can to get one. For that reason, the Viking can’t be faulted for trading away their second round picks this year and next to select Mizzou QB Blaine Gabbert. Despite his footwork and deep accuracy issues, Gabbert has the potential to be the long-term solution in Minnesota. However, he’ll require some time to develop and good protection to ease his transition to playing under center.

Unfortunately, the Vikings weren’t able to use the draft to provide him consistent pass protection. Fourth round pick Joseph Barksdale has the tools of an NFL starter, but he’s never shown the type of reliability you’d like to see in a legit starting tackle. As a result, he profiles more as a reserve whose deficiencies could get a quarterback killed.

Minnesota got a better football with their other fourth round pick in Tyler Sash. The Iowa safety lacks excellent range, but he should be able to carve out a role on specials and possibility as a starter sometime down the line. One drawback from the selection is that the team gave up two fifth round picks and a seventh rounder to get him, but Sash should prove to be worth losing that opportunity to get more football players. Indeed, he has a better shot to make it than the guys the Vikes drafter later on: players who ere disappointing in college (DeMarcus Van Dyke) or lack the physical skill set to be effective in the pros (Kris O’Dowd).

Grade: B-

Graded by Aaron Aloysius – @AaronAloysius


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