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St Louis Rams

Owner: @PFF_Tyson: 1 DT, 1 DE, 2 RB, 1 OG, 1 CB, 1 OLB –> 7 Picks


11. St. Louis (7-9) (From Hou) – @PFF_Tyson – Julio Jones, WR – Alabama

2.19 St. Louis (From Mia via TB in 1stR) @PFF_Tyson – Mason Foster, OLB

4.15 (112) St. Louis : Shane Vereen – RB, Cal

5.14 (145) St. Louis Rams: Stephen Schilling, OG, Michigan

7.13 – 216. St. Louis Rams: Cory Grant, DT – TCu

7.25 – 228. St. Louis Rams(f/BAL): Eddie Jones, DE – Texas


Trade Log:

St. Louis Rams have traded pick 1.14 and 3.14 for the Houston Texans 1.11 pick.


The Rams moved up three spots to get Sam Bradford a go-to-guy in Bama wideout Julio Jones. The big, physical receiver should work well with the team’s budding franchise quarterback, and his run blocking will benefit Steven Jackson as well. The team did have to give up a 3rd round pick to move up for Jones, but it will be more than worth the cost if Sam & Julio become of one the NFL’s best young duos.

The team made another nice selection in the second frame, picking up Washington linebacker Mason Foster. Arguably the most instinctive linebacker in the draft, Foster will look good playing next to Laurinaitis and help improve the team’s middling run defense.

Though short of the third round pick, the team managed to pick up a third round-caliber prospect in Cal running back Shane Vereen. The shifty back could be the complementary back St. Louis long has been looking for. And if Steven Jackson misses any action, Vereen could carry the load for a few games himself.

St. Louis also added some late round trench guys, including offensive guard Stephen Schilling, but the  true value will come out of their solid playmaker picks, which make this a very good draft.

Grade: B+

Graded by Aaron Aloysius – DraftBreakdown.com – @AaronAloysius


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