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Mockone #1 – Round 1

1. Carolina (2-14) – @fantasy_occhs68 – Marcell Dareus, DT – Alabama
2. Minnesota (6-10) (Via Den) – @MN_CheapSeats – Blaine Gabbert, QB – MO
3. Buffalo (4-12) – @BNQuinlan – Von Miller, LB Texas
4. Dallas (6-10) (via Cin) – @allen21howard – Patrick Peterson, CB – LSU
5. Arizona (5-11) – @donovanhorn – Robert Quinn, DE – UNC
6. Cleveland (5-11) – @FtbSickness – Da’Quan Bowers, DE – Clemson
7. San Francisco (6-10) – @AllPurposeRoto – Prince Amukamara, CB – Nebraska
8. Tennessee (6-10) – @djberns247 – A.J. Green, WR – Georgia
9. Denver (4-12) (From Cin via Dal) – @Empulse – Nick Fairley, DT – Auburn
10. Tennessee (6-10) (Via Was) – @djberns247 – Cameron Newton, QB
11. St. Louis (7-9) (From Hou) – @PFF_Tyson – Julio Jones, WR – Alabama
12. Cincinatti (4-12) (From Den via Min) – @JoeGoodberry – Aldon Smith, DE
13. Detroit (6-10) – @jhoe0411 – Tyron Smith, OT USC
14. Houston (6-10) (Via StL) – @JohnADuckworth – Cameron Jordan, DE – Cal
15. Tampa Bay (10-6)(From Mia) – @bmpamaral – J.J. Watt, DE – Wis
16. San Diego (9-7) (From Jac) – @PFF_Rick – Muhammed Wilkerson, DE
17. Indianapolis* (10-6)(From NE) – @GTPJay – Gabe Carimi, OT – Wis
18. Philadelphia* (10-6)(From Jac) – @eastcoastdog – Anthony Costanzo, OT
19. New York Giants (10-6) – @EyeoftheGator – Nate Solder, OT – Colorado
20. New Orleans* (11-5)(From Mia) – @xaviermonk – Corey Liuget, DT – Illinois
21. Kansas City* (10-6) – @wTheFirstPick – Phil Taylor, DT – Baylor
22. Indianapolis* (10-6) – @GTPJay – Mike Pouncey, OG – Florida
23. Jacksonville (8-8)(Via Phi) – @CaliforniaJag – Christian Ponder, QB – FSU
24. Miami (7-9) (From NO) – @PFF_Zerodev – Ryan Mallett, QB – Arkansas
25. New England* (14-2)(From Sea) – @PFF_Akshay – Cameron Heyward, DE
26. Baltimore* (12-4) – @IHateJJRedick – Ryan Kerrigan, DE – Purdue
27. Atlanta* (13-3) – @Rumfordjohnny – Brandon Harris, CB – Miami
28. Seattle* (7-9)(Via NE) – @Thomsen80 – Stephen Paea, DT – Oregon
29. Cincinatti (4-12) (From Chi) – @JoeGoodberry – Mark Ingram, RB – Bama
30. New York Jets* (11-5) – @Fantasytaz – Brooks Reed, OLB/DE – Arizona
31. Pittsburgh* (12-4) – @AndrewMiley – Danny Watkins, OG – Baylor
32. Buffalo (4-12)(From GB)- Jimmy Smith, CB – Colorad


I’m pleased to announce that both @EvanSilva from Rotoworld.com and @AaronAloysius from DraftBreakdown.com have agreed to grade #MockOne #1 upon completion. This is extremely exciting news considering both are so respected in the NFL Draft Community.

This means that everyone better be on there A-Game. No frivously trading away those 2012 picks to move around. This will drastically affect your grade. I’ll be excited to see which GM’s end up with an excellent grade, and which ones need to go back to GM school!

I spent some time making the site look a bit more presentable. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

At my time of typing this, we are currently lacking 7 owners (Please see below for realtime, updated info!). We cannot begin until we have all teams filled, so please RT me on Twitter so we can find these last few owners! Please, please use #MockOne on twitter in all your tweets regarding what is going on here. It makes it so much easier for everyone to follow!


We initially will set this first MockOne at 3 rounds. I’ve had lots of interest from folks wanting to do all 7 rounds. If the first 3 rounds go smoothly, and we have cooperation and interest from all the owners, we will extend the number of rounds that we are going to draft. This depends on participation!!

Draft Time:
You have a total of 12 Hours to make your Pick. You will be notified via Twitter when you are up. . . and chances are good that ansy owners will tweet you multiple times to remind you that you are on the clock (Noone wants to wait 12 hours!). That being said, this is set up this way so that the “Working Man” can partake and enjoy.

In the first #MockOne Draft trading of Draft Picks is allowed!!! I’d highly recommend that if you are going to trade picks you use a Draft Pick Value Chart to determine the value of your pick(s). Trades can be discussed here via comments, via twitter, via email. . . However works for you guys. I just need to know the particulars of the trade. I don’t want to have to worry about vetoing trades that are a mess, so please try to keep things fair(ish) for both parties…. This will keep the draft as realistic as possible. Please note: Due to the current CBA situation we will not be allowed to trade players! (This will very likely happen in the next MockOne that I put on.)

Making your Pick:
Please make your pick public via twitter. Make sure that you use the #MockOne tag. I would really prefer at least a few paragraph explanation about why you picked who you picked and what your thought process was, but twitter makes that difficult. Maybe when it comes down to it I will make an official tracking post with each pick in order and we can post this explanation as a comment on that post. Or it might be as easy for everyone to just email me. We can discuss it and iron out these kinks down the road.

Helpful Links:

NFP Big Board: The fine folks over at National Football Post (namely @WesBunting) have scouted over 600 players and made a very nice, easy to navigate “big board”. This may be helpful to many of us as we get a little deeper into the draft.

ESPN’s Draft-Pick Value Chart – A value assigned to every pick in the 2011 draft. An invaluable resource for evaluating / proposing trades.

Draftcountdown.com Pick Value Chart – The ESPN one isn’t formatted well and is hard to read. This one is much more functional, IMO.



  • Buffalo Bills – @BNQuinlan
  • Miami Dolphins -@PFF_Zerodev of ProFootballFocus.com
  • New England Patriots – @PFF_Akshay of ProFootballFocus.com
  • New York Jets – @Fantasytaz

  • North

  • Baltimore Ravens – @IHateJJRedick
  • Cleveland Browns – @FtbSickness of FootballSickness.com
  • Cincinnati Bengals – @JoeGoodberry of CincyJungle.com
  • Pittsburgh Steelers -@AndrewMiley of DynastyBlitz.com

  • South

  • Houston Texans – @JohnADuckworth
  • Indianapolis Colts – @GTPJay
  • Jacksonville Jaguars – @CaliforniaJag
  • Tennessee Titans -@djberns247

  • West

  • Denver Broncos – @Empulse
  • Kansas City Chiefs -@wTheFirstPick of WithTheFirstPick.com
  • Oakland Raiders – @RaidersBlog of Raiders-Blog.com
  • San Diego Chargers – @PFF_Rick of ProFootballFocus.com

  • NFC


  • Dallas Cowboys – @allen21howard
  • New York Giants – @EyeoftheGator
  • Philidelphia Eagles – @eastcoastdog of FootballSickness.com
  • Washington Redskins – @JoshBDraft

  • North

  • Chicago Bears -@thebrunomacedo
  • Detroit Lions -@jhoe0411
  • Green Bay Packers – @Got_Next
  • Minnesota Vikings – @MN_CheapSeats

  • South

  • Atlanta Falcons – @Rumfordjohnny
  • New Orleans Saints – @xaviermonk
  • Carolina Panthers – @fantasy_occhs68
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers – @bmpamaral

  • West

  • Arizona Cardinals -@donovanhorn
  • St. Louis Rams – @PFF_Tyson of ProFootballFocus.com
  • San Fransico 49’ers – @AllPurposeRoto
  • Seattle Seahawks – @Thomsen80
  • Hey guys,

    Sorry for the ugliness here! I just tossed this baby up temporarily so I have somewhere to post info.  I promise to beautify it in the next few days.  But in the meantime we will have a site that is easy to get to, that we can tell which teams are and aren’t filled.

    Rules etc will be posted tomorrow. I have another engagement this evening that is requiring my attention!

    Please direct any questions to me on twitter @empulse.  Or feel free to email me / leave a comment here.

    Thanks for your interest/participation,


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